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Disclaimer for Jiggy.in

Use of Information

The information and news updates posted on our site JiGGy.in are just for reference objective and for the purpose to provide brief description of certain news To Whom It May Concern. We do not provide officially recognized news. If you want to know more details about the news we provide, you will need to refer to the organization main website and have a look at the official notification to know more in depth about specific news.

No Warrant of Accuracy

Specific information may get changed due to authority actions, decisions or due to political or other unavoidable circumstances. We can never control the impact of these parameters. So, if our information gets affected by issues out of our control, then we cannot be held responsible for the information provided. We try our utmost to provide the authentic and correct information. However, an exam date or procedure may get changed after we publish the news. In such cases, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the information provided.

Make no action or omission

Anyone using information from the website should not take legal action for the information or part of the information provided without resorting to the appropriate authority or without having proper allowance from authorized sources.

No transmittal of confidential information

The website will not provide confidential, personal information that intrude on personal security. It will only provide information for the people on a general purpose. No individual objective will be fulfilled through information provided on the website.

Disclaimer of and limit of liability

Our website will not be held responsible for the information provided and any loss or damage incurred to any individual based on the information provided will not be held liable. Information on the site is only provided after getting authentication and confirmation from main website of a specific organization. This website will work as a third party to disseminate the information to the intended audience.

No liability and responsibility will be applicable on part of the website on the basis of a certain provided information. The users will have to go through the information and use the news at their own liability and it is the user’s responsibility to verify the authenticity of the information. To assess the verity of the news, they should contact the official notification and should not make liable our website for future outcome.